1. Serafim

    News UK secretly tests tool to track web activity

    The development is being carried out by two unnamed Internet service providers, the Home Office and the UK's National Crime Agency. Over the past two years, police and Internet companies across the UK have been quietly building and testing surveillance technology that could capture and store...
  2. Serafim

    Scam Fake AsCarding Facebook Page!

    Moving around the web surfing and come across this page realized that this is a crook who copied the name and photo and is trying to clone it. It is not connected with the official community of ASCARDING in any way! Please pay attention and never make a deal with him...
  3. Serafim

    News North Korean hackers tried to break into Pfizer's computer systems

    The attackers were looking for information about the vaccine and technology for treating coronavirus infection. Representatives of the National Intelligence Agency of the Republic of Korea reported that North Korean hackers tried to break into the computer systems of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer...
  4. Jaysu

    News Hackers stole data from 540 thousand sports judges and representatives of sports leagues

    The sports league software vendor was able to fend off the ransomware attack, but the hackers managed to steal sensitive data. ArbiterSports, a sports league software company, reported a security incident affecting some 540,000 registered members, including sports referees and senior...
  5. Dep

    Bank Carding Virtual Prepaid Card | No-ID verification required

    This is NOT a method for getting free money / cards. You will need to refill the card with your own money. It is for those who are either underaged or don't have a credit/debit card, and need to buy somewhere where they only take cards. (You can buy games, discord nitro, subscriptions, etc.) You...
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